From The Couch: Greg Inglis Field Goal Edition

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From The Couch: Greg Inglis Field Goal Edition

The Moment: There are times in your life when you never forget where you were, moments of such gravitas, of such import, of such a historical nature that you always remember the exact spot you were. I was high in the Paddington-end stand at the SCG. And the image of Greg Inglis doing his best Terry Lamb impersonation is forever imprinted on my mind. Down 8-6 – and having been down 8-6 for the better part of 60 minutes – Greg Inglis, South Sydney captain, took a field goal as time expired. The great shame is it missed. It needs no further description. He called it a brain explosion. That is wrong. Rather, it is a total lack of game awareness from a premier player who embarrassed himself and the club in  moment that will last eternity.

Non-Greg Inglis Notes: There were other happenings on the weekend. It is hard to believe. Here are a few quick notes.

  • Daniel Tupou should be dropped after his gutless performance against the Cowboys. His missed tackle on Kyle Feldt was shocking.
  • Matt Cecchin has long hated Canterbury and reprised that with his ridiculous each-way video referee call that saw a fair Bulldogs try disallowed.
  • What is the over-under on players Nathan Brown will use nobody has ever heard of? 13.5?
  • Jarrod Croker’s decision to try and kick a 53-metre penalty in golden point was as stupid as it was selfish. Croker is no good at pressure kicks and has never kicked one close to that distance.
  • Te Maire Martin is going to be some kind of player. Will Smith is not.
  • Andrew McFadden has Konrad Hurrell below Jono Wright in the outside backs pecking order.
  • Rugby League at the SCG is something else.
  • Gareth Widdop is the master of wet weather Rugby League – he thrives in it.
  • Channel Nine’s decision to show Julie Burgess crying in the stands after Sam suffered a neck injury sums up everything about the station. Utterly disgraceful.
  • Martin Taupau should have been sent off. He is a thug. He deserved 10 weeks for his cheap shot on Jack Bird.
  • Shane Flanagan is a soothsayer – surely forecasting the concussion to Jack Bird is the only reason to play Gerard Beale on the bench.
  • You can hear me weekly on William Hill’s ‘The Run Around’ podcast with Johnny Gibbs and Mitch Lamb – available on iTunes and Audioboom

Field Goal Update – 5: Te Maire Martin and Cooper Cronk both landed successful field goals and Sam Williams and Trent Hodkinson both missed about 300 between them but this weekend we witnessed a once-in-a-generation event, the Halley’s Comet of Rugby League – a meaningless field goal at the end of a game on a misjudged score. Nothing beats that.

Fun Fact #1: Greg Inglis has kicked four career field goals – and none of them will be as memorable as his miss on Sunday.

Fun Fact #2: Greg Inglis has kicked just one field goal for Souths.

Fun Fact #3: Greg Inglis has never attempted a field goal with his team trailing by more than one previously.

Rumour Mill: Warriors owner Eric Watson seems to be angling for Laurie Daley to take over from Andrew McFadden. Daley has been brought in as an advisor to McFadden, meaning there will likely be no change until after Origin. Parramatta have been strongly linked to Cowboys prop James Tamou. Akuila Uate is expected to defect to Japanese rugby union and may have played his last game for the Knights.

Betting Market of the Week: Greg Inglis’ field goal attempt was:

$1.01: The Greatest Moment of the Season
$1.01: The Greatest Moment of ‘The Modern Era’
$1001.00: The Greatest Moment in Greg Inglis’ life

Punters Guide Tipping Service: If you are interested in signing up to the Punters Guide tipping service, drop me an email:

Check out the results from the first two rounds and get more details here.

The Bozo and Barrett Show: Trent Barrett has been in the job for three weeks and has already made five late changes to his team, has handed 0-13 Brayden Williame two starts and has gone chips in on Siosaia Vave, who spent all of last year playing NSW Cup. Not good signs. Not good signs at all.

What I Love About … Inappropriate Field Goals: Everything. The stupidity. The fact they are never forgotten. The moment of realisation. The shock and disappointment of teammates. The anticipation of the press conference. The moment in history. Everything.

The Coaching Crosshairs: Is Michael Maguire’s job in danger at South Sydney? It may actually be. While Greg Inglis’ field goal attempt won’t have much impact on his career at the Bunnies, it was not a great sign that he has his troops mentally ready. The word all summer has been that the Rabbitohs players are off Maguire. He is a great coach and has a long future in the NRL but it would be surprising if he was there beyond this year if the Bunnies fail to fire.

Game of the Year Nomination, Round 3: Penrith – Brisbane, 23-22. The Panthers dug incredibly deep after a poor start to shock the title favourites with a field goal from rookie Te Maire Martin on debut the difference. It was an incredible comeback and a great showing from a Saturday that truly was super.

Moronic Coaching Decision of the Week: There were plenty – from playing Jono Wright over Konrad Hurrell to allowing Daniel Tupou to remain on the field – but the call to name Greg Inglis captain has to be brought into question. Maguire went with Inglis as the sole skipper this year. It is not a good reflection of that decision when Inglis failed to have a proper grip of the score in a low-scoring, tight game. With the likes of Sam Burgess and Adam Reynolds at the club, it looks like a poor call.

Correspondence Corner: Zig, Raiders flying this year … it will be back when it is deserved.

Mav63, they are already lining Bennett up. Hope you got the $7.0 pre-season.

Taro, I’m sure he has mistaken Konrad Hurrell for either Blake Ayshford or Jono Wright.

Davey G, big win for the Eels. Not sure I agree with the black and white stance on referees when most touching is done in a friendly manner.

Beard Watch: Greg Inglis typically supports a patchy, short sort of beard. It is a little scraggly, a little scratchy … much like his ability to count.

Watch It: What else but Terry Lamb’s infamous field goal against Newcastle when Canterbury trailed 12-10. It happened 24 years ago and it seemed like just yesterday. And these were the days before TV cameras captured every Rugby League moment. Watch it here.


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  1. Taro says:

    Does Jeff Robson have dirt on McFadden? How can he continue to make first grade? His play makes me physically sick.

  2. MICK says:

    I recal with some clarity Phil Blake slotting over a meaningless field goal in the final minute of play for Manly in a game v Cronulla at Shark Park in the mid 1980’s. Cronulla led 26-10. Final score was 26-11. Fact for your life. There was no pick score on non televised games in those days so no hanky panky involved.

  3. Trav says:

    Would love to know what the betting market was at half time in the souths v dragons game. Did Souths have a 1.5 start I wonder? I find it hard to believe even Inglis is lackwit enough to know that 6 + 1 doesn’t equal 8, especially when the score hadn’t changed since half time.

  4. Jasob says:

    Great stuff Nick, love your ‘Nut’ each week, it’s a terrific wrap

  5. Dan says:

    Maguire is off at Souffs, until Friday when they destroy the flat-standing Dogs even without Sam Burgess.

  6. Utterly Green Eyed fan. says:

    “Croker is no good at pressure kicks . . .”

    Your information is out of date. You need to actually watch Raiders games rather than read Gus Gould or News Limited match reports. Since that one pressure miss in the 2010 final v The Tigers, Toots has trained and trained and become the master. He won the Dally M for top point scorer last year.

    “Oh but what about pressure kicks?” you ask, revealing that you only watch Raiders matches when they’re on Channel 9’s Friday Night Footy (ie never).

    Let’s look at his last 4 games.

    Round 26 2015 – Croker pressure kicks a post siren sideline conversion to level the scores and put the match to extra time. Raiders win.

    Round 1 2016 – Croker pressure kicks two penalties late in the 2nd half to take then extend the lead. Sure, he missed the post siren conversion of Fenno’s magnificent try, but given that they led by 8 and the siren had gone, it was hardly a “pressure kick”. Raiders win.

    Round 2 2016 – Croker pressure kicks the conversion his own clutch-play try from the sideline to level the scores, allowing Sammy Williams to kick the match winning field goal. (Scores were level, rather than The Raiders being down by 2 when Sammy kicked it.) Raiders win.

    Round 3 2016 – Raiders down by 6 with moments remaining. Brenko Lee scores. Croker pressure kicks the conversion putting the game to Golden Point. With a big wind at his back, he makes the brave play of rolling the dice to kick a 53metre penalty. He misses.
    Raiders draw with Knights.

    Each match was turned by a pressure kick. A pressure kick by Jarrod Croker. Go to the blackboard and write out 100 times – “Jarrod Croker is the master of pressure kicks”.