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The End of the Stephen Kearney Era: It will be Stephen Kearney's biggest regret, taking the Parramatta job. It will likely be his last and only premiership gig. In late 2010, when Kearney took the job, he could have had a gig at any number of clubs. He was the hottest ticket in town. He took the Parramatta job. It was destined for disaster.

It was destined for disaster because Kearney didn't know the self-mutilating beast he had involved himself with. Perhaps he shouldn't have been so naïve but Kearney clearly is too nice to understand the politics that has crippled the Eels.

It is a club that appointed Paul Osborne as chief executive and the year before had signed players such as Carl Webb and Chris Walker. It had fired Daniel Anderson just one year after a Grand Final and one that kept on Brian Smith for nearly a decade. It is a club with players who decide when they want to put in and when they don't. Nathan Cayless could not even announce his own retirement without a leak.

It resulted in nearly two seasons of disaster. The Eels were saved from the wooden spoon only in the last round in 2011 and are headed for last-place this year. Kearney could pull only 10 wins and on 15 occasions, Parramatta allowed 30-plus points.

Kearney got fail marks in recruitment, team stability, player management and tactics. Kearney rarely made the big statement call and did little to change the culture of selfishness and laziness at the Eels. He simply tinkered on the edges, allowing the big egos to run unchecked. In the end, he lost the dressing room.

He is unlikely to ever win another premiership job.

There were plenty of names thrown around as his replacement but it seems the Eels managed to gazump Canberra with a huge offer to lure Ricky Stuart. It is another decision the Eels will live to regret.

Parramatta have reportedly pulled Stuart for $800,000 a year plus certain powers. There is no way this ends well. Stuart is bound to butt heads with Eels powerbrokers. That is a good thing. What is not a good thing is that the Eels need to recruit virtually a whole new team and have to build up from last-place. Stuart has a shocking eye for talent and dealt out some god-awful contracts at Cronulla when given the same powers. He cannot come up with anything resembling a competent attack.

Stuart deserves some credit for Origin. His firebrand style can work over three games. It has been proven time and time again not to work over the full course of a premiership year. Stuart will not win a premiership at Parramatta and you can take this to the bank – when he is fired, it will be with a losing record.

The soap opera at Parramatta never fails to amaze. And that club nearly always acts against its best interest.

An Opportunity Lost: The Eels have six games remaining this season. Just six. They are down for the wooden spoon as captain Nathan Hindmarsh readies himself for a disappointing end to a stellar career. There would have been one way to honour Hindmarsh though – appoint him captain/coach. The Eels have nothing to lose. They were never going to consider Brad Arthur for the full-time gig. Hindmarsh has the respect of all and it would have been great to see him go out as captain/coach.

Farewell, Ando: The real sadness of Stephen Kearney's sudden yet inevitable demise was the end of the Chris Anderson era at Parramatta. He lasted just three weeks, handing in his resignation once Kearney was dumped. It is a shame Anderson wasn't given more time to leave a mark.

The Shoulder Charge Must Stay: It was a big weekend for the shoulder charge. Sam Kasiano had his jaw busted and will miss six weeks after Jason King misfired a shot. Greg Inglis knocked Dean Young into next week and possibly retirement with the biggest shot I have ever seen on a football field. They were both a little off-the-mark and both protagonists will likely cop some penalty, though it should be lenient as both had no intent. With Inglis, Young brought the size of the hit upon himself. He slowed down and turned his back.

To give Inglis four weeks for an early plea is laughable if it wasn't robbing the game of a star who did nothing wrong.

The natural hysteria has been to call for the banning of the shoulder charge. What bollocks. This is not some soft-cock sport like rugby union. This is a man's game. And the shoulder charge is part of it.

Yes, players must be protected. And they are by rules preventing hits to the head. Eradicating the shoulder charge would be nothing but petty populism and tabloid reaction.

The shoulder charge is a celebrated part of the game. It leads to some monster hits. And it shows up rubbish defenders like Chris Sandow. It is rarely the right play but sometimes it is perfect. The shoulder charge must stay.

Wade Graham, Cronulla Recruitment Boss: Wade Graham has done a sensational job at Cronulla – as the club's recruitment boss. The purse strings have always been tight at the Sharks – they still don't have a chief executive  -but to put a player in charge of recruitment was quite a move. But it has worked a treat. The former Penrith pivot has lured Michael Gordon across and now has convinced Luke Lewis that the club he was most likely to win a premiership at is Cronulla – still waiting for number one 46 seasons later.

Only Phil Rothfield – who has come out and declared the Sharks premiership certainties for next season – would believe Harold Holt was about to rock-up on the doorstep.

Lewis clearly doesn't pay much heed to history though his memory is long. He certainly hasn't forgotten Chris Anderson's incredibly amusing decision to pull Darren Smith out of St Helens rather than play Lewis. It reportedly cost the Eels any chance of Lewis, Ando giving one last present. Chris Anderson surely could have told Ivan Cleary of Lewis' capriciousness.

Graham has done a remarkable job in convincing one of the best available backs and one of the game's top forwards to go to Shark Park. There is no question that Cronulla are certainly building something. And they should be a force over the next few seasons, particularly with the honest coaching of Shane Flanagan. But it would take a game man to put anything on the Sharks to finally break that title duck.

Jason Taylor, Let It Go: So the genius that is Jason Taylor just won't let his idiotic notion that Canterbury's sharp ball playing combined with strong decoy running is a constant illegal barrage of obstructions. Let it go – you are clearly wrong. This is why you are no longer in the top grade.

Burns Had To Go: It was very exciting to see Travis Burns sent from the field on Sunday. In what was only the second marching of the year, Burns was dismissed for what looked like a deliberate high shot on Martin Kennedy. He will cop a few weeks. STOP PRESS: Apparently a few weeks is 16 in what might be the most over-the-top match review findings imaginable. Hell, Danny Williams only copped 18 weeks!

Eight Point Wonderment: It is always good to see an eight point try, the same weekend we had a send off. It was a trip back in time. And there is no question it was an eight point try. It was text book. Josh Hoffman didn't deliberately punch Luke Bailey in the face. But he did. And he deserved the ruling.

Two Hands for Beginners and Morons: Akuila Uate is an undoubted talent. He is one of the top finishers in the game, scoring 65 tries in 84 premiership games. But he should know better than to try and put the ball down with one hand in slippery conditions, as he did on Saturday night against the Warriors. It could have cost the Knights the two points. Uate should have known better. He has hopefully been flogged by Bennett since. On a weekend of big cock-ups – Dean Whare's pass and Ben Barba's leave – Uate's was the most egregious.

Dugan Returns … Mercifully, at Fullback: Well Josh Dugan returned to the Canberra lineup and thank the Lord, it was at fullback. The ridiculous Dugan at five-eighth experiment, mercifully, seems to be over. The best kick returner in the comp ran for 256m – one of the highest tallies of the season – scored a try and made three tackle breaks. David Furner will hopefully recognise that Dugan's position is fullback and stop with his absurd and desperate notions.

Well Done, Ben Ross: It has been a long time coming for the Cronulla prop – 11 years to be precise – but Ben Ross has finally made it to 150 games. Ross won a premiership in just his second year and soon found himself playing Origin football, early successes getting to him. But a broken neck that saw him play just one game across 2009-10 matured him. He appreciated the game and what it stood for and has rediscovered himself, having a career year this season with the Sharks. It was great to see him knock up 150.

That Old Chestnut: Michael Ennis, pointing to the posts after a penalty and taking the quick tap. Very exciting.

The New NRL Logo Won't Play: The ARLC has funded a new logo change – but it has missed the mark, looking for too similar to that used by Cricket Australia. Finding a new logo is the way to go but a bit of originality wouldn't hurt.

Recruitment in the NRL Era – Sydney Roosters: If the Sydney Roosters stand for anything, it is a great big willingness to open the chequebook and spend up on proven stars. It has always been the case. Little has changed with the Chooks always on the poach.

Best Year: Without question, 2000. The Roosters would sign club legends Craig Fitzgibbon and Craig Wing, who would both play in the four Grand Finals the club would play in over the ensuing five seasons.  The two would finish with 413 games for the foundation club. Luke Phillips, the Grand Final fullback in 2000 and 2002 was also recruited. The worst loss was David Barnhill, who was done and off to England by that stage.

Worst Year: There hasn't been much joy in recent times for the Roosters in terms of recruitment but 2008 was probably a standout season. The Roosters lost stalwarts Ashley Harrison and Craig Wing as well as future Origin players Jamie Soward and Joel Monaghan. Nigel Plum and Danny Nutley also left. Replacing them were washed-up Bulldogs Willie Mason and Mark O'Meley and the likes of Brent Grose, James Aubusson and Riley Brown.

Best Buy: Craig Fitzgibbon. Joining the Chooks after two years at Illawarra/St George Illawarra, playing in the losing 1999 Grand Final, Fitzgibbon became one of the club's finest stalwarts, playing 228 games and scoring 1,454 points. He played 11 Origins and 18 Tests and was one of the finest leaders a club could ever hope for. One of the great champions who never gave anything less than 100 per cent.

Worst Buy: The Roosters have signed some ordinary players but Willie Mason was the most disruptive. Just there for two seasons, Mason left a trail of destruction behind him that culminated in the wooden spoon in 2009.

Worst Loss: In terms of talent, the worst loss was probably prop Ben Hannant but the talented Queenslander likely would have returned home at any rate sooner rather than later so it was probably Justin Hodges. Hodges became arguably the best centre of the 2000s at Brisbane. Jamie Soward and Ashley Harrison also hurt.

Origin/International Players Recruited:
Already: (20) Richie Barnett, Paul Langmack, Quentin Pongia, Paul Green, Adrian Morley, David Kidwell, Brett Mullins, Chris Walker, Braith Anasta, John Doyle, Ashley Harrison, Nate Myles, Danny Nutley, Chris Beattie, Willie Mason, Mark O'Meley, Jason Ryles, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
Became: (6) Craig Fitzgibbon, Craig Wing, Jason Cayless, Justin Hodges, Brett Finch, Todd Carney

Origin/International Players Lost:
Already: (22) Terry Hermansson, Dale Shearer, Jason Lowrie, Andrew Walker, Matt Sing, Bryan Fletcher, Paul Green, David Kidwell, Shannon Hegarty, Justin Hodges, Jason Cayless, Chris Walker, Michael Crocker, Brett Finch, Ashley Harrison, Danny Nutley, Craig Wing, Anthony Tupou, Willie Mason, Todd Carney, Nate Myles, Jason Ryles
Became: (6) David Solomona, Eric Grothe, Joel Monaghan, Ben Hannant, David Shillington, Jamie Soward

*Super League Tri Series and International matches are recognised.
** Only players who went to or came from another NRL club are noted with the exception of English internationals.

Injury Update: The Bulldogs took a beating on Friday night, losing two key members of their side, while the Tigers got killed by injury on Monday.

Luke Bailey (Gold Coast): Strained a buttock and busted his face a couple of times. Won't miss any time.

Justin Hodges (Brisbane): Went off early with another hamstring scare. Will go for scans.

Sam Kasiano (Canterbury): Fractured his cheekbone and could be out until the finals though likely only a month. Is a big loss. More minutes will be expected from James Graham.

Kris Keating (Canterbury): The Bulldogs halfback appeared to strain a hamstring and will likely miss a couple of weeks. The club has no backup halves so may call on Trent Cutler.

Chris Lawrence (Wests Tigers): Left with a calf stain just before halftime. Didn't look awful. Could be a couple of weeks.

Martin Kennedy (Roosters): Had his nose broken by Travis Burns. Shouldn't miss any time.

Steve Michaels (Gold Coast): Took a head knock and went off just after halftime. Shouldn't be in first grade anyway.

Tim Moltzen (Wests Tigers): Injured his hamstring in the warm-up against the Tigers. It may have saved him from the Willie M Medal.

Ben Murdoch-Masilla (Wests Tigers): Hobbled off with an ankle injury at the death on Monday night. Won't be too bad.

Curtis Sironen (Wests Tigers): In a heap of pain in the first half against the Tigers after dislocating his shoulder. That's his season. Could be a while. Expect Tim Moltzen to move back into the halves.

Dean Young (Dragons): Was totally destroyed by Greg Inglis. Reportedly cleared but looked like he was knocked into retirement.

Fun Fact #1: Darius Boyd has not scored a try in 2012 after 16 games. If he lasts the season without a four-pointer, he will become the first fullback since Shannon Nevin in 1998 to play 10 or more games and not score a try. Nevin played 20 games for Balmain without scoring a try in 1998. Nevin scored just six tries in 60 games including zero in 31 appearances over two seasons with the Tigers.

Fun Fact #2: Ricky Stuart, the most pursued coach in rugby league has a 57-82 (41.01 per cent) club record since the retirement of Brad Fittler. He has also lost Australia's first major tournament in nearly four decades and has coached the Blues to two losing series. He did coach New South Wales to victory in 2005.

Fun Fact #3: Stephen Kearney's win-rate is remarkably only the eighth lowest in Parramatta history. Below him are: Ken Slattery (1957, 11.1 per cent), Jack Rayner (1958-60, 13 per cent), Frank McMillan (1947, 16.7 per cent), Charlie Gill (1954, 16.7 per cent), Ronald Boden (1961, 16.7 per cent), Ron Lynch (1970, 18.2 per cent) and Cecil Fifield (1956, 22.2 per cent).

Fun Fact #4: Only Arthur Kitinas (3-9-1, Souths, 2004), Murray Hurst (4-13-1, North Queensland, 2001-02) and Paul Langmack (5-29-1, Souths, 2003-04) have a worse strike rate in the NRL.

The 2012 Willie M Medal: The 2012 Willie M Medal has a new leader with just six rounds to play with disillusioned Sydney Roosters halfback Mitchell Pearce polling three votes against Penrith and moving to the lead by two after Ben Hornby and Chris Sandow failed to poll. It was Pearce's third three of the year with judge Brett Oaten unhappy with Pearce's two errors, the penalty conceded, the five missed tackles and the general lack of interest.  Pearce wants out of the Roosters. It may be wise to let him go.

Manly v Canterbury
3-David Williams (Man)
2-Dean Whare (Man)
1-Michael Ennis (Bul)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Gold Coast v Brisbane
3-Peter Wallace (Bri)
2-Luke O'Dwyer (GC)
1-Steve Michaels (GC)
Judge: Cliff Bingham

New Zealand v Newcastle
3-Konrad Hurrell (War)
2-James Maloney (War)
1-Chris Houston (New)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Parramatta v Melbourne
3-Sisa Waqa (Mel)
2-Ben Roberts (Par)
1-Jason Ryles (Mel)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

South Sydney v St George Illawarra
3-Matt Cooper (Dra)
2-Jamie Soward (Dra)
1-Chase Stanley (Dra)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Cronulla v Canberra
3-Jeff Robson (Cro)
2-Ben Pomeroy (Cro)
1-Todd Carney (Cro)
Judge: Nathan Boss

Penrith v Wests Tigers
3-Mitchell Pearce (Roo)
2-Travis Burns (Pen)
1-Frank-Paul Nu'uasaula
Judge: Brett Oaten (Fire Up)

North Queensland v Wests Tigers
3-Gareth Ellis (Tig)
2-Gavin Coooper (Cow)
1-Robbie Farah (Tig)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

17: Mitchell Pearce (Roo)
15: Ben Hornby (Dra), Chris Sandow (Par)
14: Tim Moltzen (Tig), Ben Roberts (Par)
13: Ben Pomeroy (Cro)
12: Cheyse Blair (Par), James Maloney (War), Timana Tahu (New)
10: Jarrod Croker (Can), Mitch Rein (Dra), Jason Ryles (Mel), Willie Tonga (Par), Peter Wallace (Bri)

Moniker XIII of the Week: With Brad Arthur expected to take the reins at Parramatta for the remainder of the season, we come up with the best team of Brads in premiership history.

1. Brad Godden (100 games for Newcastle/Hunter)
2. Brad Backer (3 Origin matches for Queensland)
3. Brad Izzard (206 games for Penrith)
4. Brad Tighe (144 games for Penrith/Newcastle)
5. Brad Hughes (15 games for Western Suburbs)
6. Brad Fittler (336 games for Penrith/Sydney Roosters)
7. Brad Burke (7 games for Eastern Suburbs)
13. Brad Clyde (214 games for Canberra/Canterbury)
12. Brad Mackay (217 games for St George/Reds/Illawarra/St George Illawarra)
11. Brad Tessman (61 games for Easts/Brisbane)
10. Brad Meyers (177 games for Brisbane/Gold Coast)
9. Brad Drew (145 games for Penrith/Parramatta/Canberra)
8. Brad Thorn (200 games for Brisbane)

Analysis: The Brads have an outstanding pack with Thorn one of the great modern-day winners and Clyde and Mackay stars of their era. Fittler is one of the all-time greats while Izzard was strong. Godden was handy.

Rumour Mill: The hottest rumour in league is that Roosters halfback Mitchell Pearce wants out of the club after falling out with Brian Smith. Canterbury and St George Illawarra have been mentioned as possible destinations. Heaven help me if it is Canterbury. There have been plenty of rumours flying about regarding the Parramatta coaching job with Shane Flanagan, Phil Gould, Jason Taylor, Mick Potter, Rick Stone, Jim Dymock and even Brian Smith linked to the job. Stuart appears to have made a deal. John Brogden is rumoured to be the man to become the next rugby league boss. He has emerged from nowhere. Brad Fittler is expected to be named NSW coach.

Power Rankings:
1. Canterbury 13-5 (1)
2. South Sydney 12-6 (4)
3. Melbourne 12-6 (2)
4. Brisbane 11-7 (3)
5. North Queensland 11-7 (5)
6. Manly 10-8 (6)
7. Wests Tigers 9-9 (9)
8. Cronulla 10-7-1 (7)
9. New Zealand 8-10 (8)
10. Gold Coast 8-10 (10)
11. Newcastle 8-10 (11)
12. Canberra 8-10 (13)
13. St George Illawarra 8-10 (12)
14. Sydney Roosters 6-11-1 (14)
15. Penrith 5-13 (15)
16.Parramatta 4-14 (16)

What I Like About … Bradley Wiggins: The 2012 Tour De France winner dominated the three-week event with a wonderful team effort and some outstanding time trialling. He did so with outstanding sideburns. Most notably though, at least for these pages, is Wiggins' love for rugby league. A diehard fan of Wigan, Wiggins is big push for Sam Tomkins. British Open failure Lee Westwood also happens to be a big fan of the Leeds Rhinos.

Betting Market of the Week: By this time in 2013, Parramatta, under the stewardship of Ricky Stuart will:

-Still be a club divided: $1.40
-Still engage in terrible recruitment decisions: $1.70
-Still be bottom four, looking hopeless and without direction: $1.40
-Be on the verge of sacking Ricky Stuart: $1.60

The Coaching Crosshairs: Stephen Kearney has been sacked. Despite how it is being spun – and it is disgraceful that he coached the team against the Storm – Kearney was sacked. He is just too decent to hang the pathetic Eels out to dry. There are a couple of sad aspects to Kearney's departure. First, Kearney was only a few years ago the most promising assistant in the game, one who could have picked his job. He will forever live to regret signing with the Eels as it has ended his premiership coaching career. The second is that it has brought about the end to Chris Anderson's return to the game. We will miss you Opes.  

The Life and Times of the Special Needs Penguin: I got this message from rugby league tipsters, oddsmaker and overall guru Matthew Fisk after Jarrod Croker scored Canberra's second try: "Watch Croker's try in slow motion. Pomeroy deadest looks like he has flippers."

Game of the Year Nomination, Round 20: Manly-Canterbury, 12-20. Without question, one of the game's of the year, a match played at such a furious pace and with such wild intensity that it had all the hallmarks of a finals encounter. Des Hasler's return to Brookvale promised much and it certainly delivered. The Bulldogs marked themselves as title favourites with a courageous win while Manly lost no admirers, playing without talisman Brett Stewart. Canterbury probably got the rub of the green but it certainly didn't get them home, as Geoff Toovey would have you believe. Both fullbacks suffered brain fades but it was Ben Barba who again proved the winner, scoring the first and last. The hitting was hard, the action was end to end, the defence stoic. Amazing game of footy.

Correspondence Corner: Anonymous, well Jason Taylor was a fool and a joke when he covered half of the Doug Walters Stand with his own urine like an animal. But is clearly wrong assertion on the Bulldogs' attacking structure is just stupid. When you say something stupid, you are a fool. Full stop. And Jarryd Hayne doesn't care. Players occasionally get time off after Origin. They all show up to watch the match. Appalling.

Daffodil, I missed the Sharks-Dragons match in full but it is great when players get up. Sam Burgess did the same against the Dragons on Saturday.

Anonymous, you are spot on about Sonny Bill Williams: he is a ridiculous parody of a man. League will get nothing out of having him back.

Semi Pro, I don't have vendettas – just the good of the game at heart. That is what I tell myself every night, anyway. And good price the Bulldogs! They are certainly the team to beat now.

Col Quinn, I totally agree about the British look to the pack. You are possibly in a better position to tell me but from footage I've seen, there is a lot of Brian McTigue about the way they play.

Sexy Steve, the whole story is a tragedy. Our hearts go out to the victim and his family but it is also sad that someone's life falls apart so much that they find it acceptable to go and whack people in the head. That is what I meant. There was nothing wrong with the Lee Harvey Oswald line.

Sea Eagle of Brisbane, the draw certainly will be back next year.

Mike From Tari, living in NSW, we don't get the Queensland Cup, but I'll try and track it down on Fox Sports this week.

Arthur, yes, the Burgess boys made a big impact.

Moz, yes, in one model, the field goal will still count in golden try but I would much prefer the draw. Certainly that model – not the one that prohibits field goals – is more preferred but there is no concerns with the draw. It is such a shame the Grand Final relay or Grand Final sprint is no longer part of the agenda.

Tony Monero, that is a well-made point: the referees showed some bottle and didn't give Kris Keating a penalty. You are spot on with refereeing as well. I still think the two refereeing system can work but there needs to be an overhaul in attitude and a tidying up/simplification of the rules. Like you say, this is not union.

Michael, the Bulldogs players were not hitting the ball on the inside of the decoy runner and if the decoy does not impede a defender, it doesn't matter at any rate.

Gareth, a sevens comp, perhaps made up of Toyota Cup players, or "international" sides would also be a fine addition to the All-Star Weekend.

Dragons68, it looks like the Raiders were saved at the death from Ricky Stuart. And Parramatta and Stuart deserve each other.

Zig, the Roosters certainly are playing with fire if they think one of their players can dictate if he shows up or not. The Williams situation will be a disaster.

Keith, either you are a long-time reader (and plagiariser!) or we think very much alike. I have advocated the mid-season cup comp during Origin weekends in the past and think it would be even better than the All-Star weekend. Get a big-time sponsor involved and it would be a huge boon. I'd also look at making some of the days "triple headers" or the like.

Solly, that is a good idea – getting PNG to take on Samoa or the like before Origin would be great exposure and really get the international game moving.

Sea Eagle of Brisbane, as a Bulldogs fan, I totally agree with you re: the Kasiano hit. That is rugby league. King went for a big hit. It didn’t quite land. Totally accidental and doesn't deserve any time. And I publish everything.

TigersMS, Rohan Kendall (a regular judge) gave the votes in the Tigers game. Log on to to get the actual voters for each game. So while there is no question that some players stand out to me more than others, I didn't watch a minute of this game and didn't give the votes, so won't take credit for this.

Matt Watters, Canterbury-Manly had a real Grand Final feel about it. I was at the game and didn't see the Josh Reynolds dives.

Beard Watch: Braith Anasta has occasionally dabbled with the five o'clock shadow. He went a bit further on the weekend, a clear indication he has given up on the Roosters and quite possibly life. Braith Anasta has lost the will for rugby league.

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Watch It: As regular readers of this column well know, we hold a certain fondness for the glory days of the Brisbane Rugby League here. This week we go back and look at the 1980 BRL Rothmans Medal where champion fullback Tony Obst claimed glory. The highlight was his laidback remark about Frank Stanton. Watch it here.


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