Rugby Stars and their Love for Casino Games

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A look into some of rugby's high-rolling superstar

Casinos are popular entertainment havens in which a myriad of people are drawn to, and it is not surprising to know that several celebrities and sports stars are also known to dabble in games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slots. Many of today's top athletes are known for their achievements on the playing court or on the field. A lot of them have signed on with huge endorsement deals where you can see them wearing today's latest sports apparel to gracing magazine covers and billboards. These have enabled them to be among the highest-earning professional athletes in the world and a lot of these professionals are also known to be among the biggest casino high-rollers today. Sports stars such as the NBA's Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, and Major League Baseball's Alex Rodriguez, have been known to hit a casino once in a while, and the same goes for some of rugby's top superstars like England’s former captain, Mike Tindall. 

Tindall, who serves as a player and coach for Gloucester Rugby is a proven winner throughout his career, and unknown to many, he has a particular fondness for card games such as blackjack and poker. Known for his competitive spirit and strong desire to win, Tindall has carved out a distinguished career in rugby. Now that the RBS Six Nations 2013 is over, rugby players can now indulge with their other passion and most of them choose to celebrate the concluded season by hitting the casinos. Whether they are playing at the luxurious Ritz Club Casino or at, it is safe to say that more than one player will spend his off-season hours trying to make some extra cash. Sports stars who have made millions of in their respective careers still look for the chance of making more by playing their favorite casino games. Other notable rugby players with a known interest in card games include Dylan Hartley and David Strettle. Both are known to be avid poker players and a couple of years ago, they joined a tournament which showcased some of the United Kingdom's top poker players pitting their skills against England's rugby legends. 

Life as a professional rugby player is very demanding, and a player's fitness level must be maintained even during the off-season. Playing games that stimulate the mind such as card games are vital in helping players keep their competitive edge, just in time for the start of the new season. A common link between rugby and most casino games is the competitive and focused nature of the games. Although one may be physical and the other one cerebral, you still need skills like good instincts, flexibility with your tactics, and the ability to focus on one's goal. 


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