The 2013 Willie M Medal: Round 26

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The 2013 Willie M Medal count is over and Making The Nut is proud to announce Nathan Fien as the fourth annual winner. In his final season, Fien was consistently mediocre all season, playing a key role in the Dragons’ horrid season that netted just seven wins. It is a memorable way for him to leave the game, joining such luminaries as Chris Sandow, Blake Ferguson, Ben Roberts and Tim Moltzen.

Roll Call of Honour
2010: Chris Sandow (Sou)
2011: Blake Ferguson (Can)
2012: Chris Sandow (Par), Ben Roberts (Par), Tim Moltzen (Tig)
2013: Nathan Fien (Dra)

Brisbane v Canterbury
3-Sam Perrett (Bul)
2-Josh Morris (Bul)
1-Mitch Brown (Bul)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

South Sydney v Sydney Roosters
3-Dylan Walker (Sou)
2-Martin Kennedy (Roo)
1-Nathan Merritt (Sou)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

St George Illawarra v Sydney Roosters
3-Shaun Johnson (War)
2-Feleti Mateo (War)
1-Kevin Locke (War)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Melbourne v Gold Coast
3-Albert Kelly (GC)
2-Maurice Blair (Mel)
1-Sisa Waqa (Mel)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

North Queensland v Wests Tigers
3-Adam Blair (Tig)
2-Bodene Thompson (Tig)
1-Braith Anasta (Tig)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Manly v Penrith
3-Glenn Stewart (Man)
2-Brad Tighe (Pen)
1-George Rose (Man)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Newcastle v Parramatta
3-Semi Radradra (Par)
2-Fuifui Moimoi (Par)
1-Daniel Harrison (Par)

Canberra v Cronulla
3-Terry Campese (Can)
2-Joel Edwards (Can)
1-David Shillington (Can)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Final Leaderboard
23: Nathan Fien (Dra)
21: Tony Williams (Bul)
20: Benji Marshall (Tig)
18: Peter Wallace (Bri)
16: Sandor Earl (Can)
15: Ben Roberts (Par)

Willie M Team of the Year
1. Kevin Locke (War)
2. Mahe Fonua (Mel)
3. Shaun Kenny-Dowall (Roo)
4. Ben Roberts (Par)
5. Sandor Earl (Can)
6. Benji Marshall (Tig)
7. Nathan Fien (Dra)
13. Feleti Mateo (War)
12. Tony Williams (Bul)
11. Beau Scott (Mel)
10. Adam Blair (Tig)
9. Peter Wallace (Bri)
8. Fuifui Moimoi (Par)


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  1. dragon_eyes91 says:

    breaking news- The great and talented Buzz Rothfield to sue Nick Tedeschi for stealing his ideas in 2010 from the prestigious Sally M awards started in 2013 :p