The 2015 Willie M Medal: Round 14

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If Corey Thompson plays first grade again it will be one more game than he deserves. He near single-handedly cost the Bulldogs the two points with a truly inept display that was deserving of 10 Willie M votes, not the maximum of three available. His pissweak decision not to contest a ball before the break that led to a try was only topped by his incompetent effort when he did leap. With Jacob Loko and Tyrone Phillips still in the NSW Cup, surely the time to cut Thompson is up.

Wests Tigers v South Sydney
3-Chris McQueen (Sou)
2-Alex Johnston (Sou)
1-Adam Reynolds (Sou)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

New Zealand v Sydney Roosters
3-Jono Wright (War)
2-Brendan Elliot (Roo)
1-James Maloney (Roo)
Judge: Chris Parkinson and Cliff Bingham

Gold Coast v Canterbury
3-Corey Thompson (Bul)
2-Ben Ridge (GC)
1-Sam Perrett (Bul)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Melbourne v Parramatta
3-Anthony Watmough (Par)
2-Ben Hampton (Mel)
1-Brad Takairangi (Par)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

13: Mitchell Moses (Tig)
12: Ben Barba (Cro), Tony Williams (Bul), Brad Takairangi (Par)
11:  Joel Reddy (Sou)
10: Tyrone Roberts (New), Sam Perrett (Bul)
9: Manu Vatuvei (War), Pat Richards (Tig), Justin O’Neill (Cow), Anthony Watmough (Par)

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