The 2016 Willie M Medal: Round 12

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The 2016 Willie M Medal: Round 12

Jack Wighton continues to firm in Willie M betting with another atrocious performance on a winning side. Only getting dropped to NSW Cup will save him.

Brisbane v Wests Tigers
3-Lachlan Maranta (Bri)
2-Anthony Milford (Bri)
1-Jack Reed (Bri)
Judge: Brendan Curran

St George Illawarra v North Queensland
3-Javid Bowen (Cow)
2-Ray Thompson (Cow)
1-Lachlan Coote (Cow)
Judge: Brendan Curran

Canberra v Canterbury
3-Jack Wighton (Can)
2-Michael Lichaa (Bul)
1-Kerrod Holland (Bul)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Newcastle v Parramatta
3-Korbin Sims (New)
2-Jaelen Feeney (New)
1-Isaac De Gois (Par)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

11: Gareth Widdop (Dra)
10: Mitchell Moses (Tig)
9: Aidan Sezer (Can), Akuila Uate (New), Jono Wright (War)
8: Shaun Johnson (War), Jamie Soward (Pen), Brayden Williame (Man), Jack Wighton (Can)


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  1. Come on man! Are you his dad?

    I’m a Raiders fan too and he deadset spent the first 35 minutes trying to lose the game, once he let Rapana field all the kicks we looked much safer. He can tackle and throw vaguely insane passes, sure, but he is good for at least 3 horrible errors a game.

    Swap them around for good!

  2. Utterly Green Eyed says:

    No mention of Jacky-Boy’s bone jarring tackle on Ferret, of the tackle on Snow Bunny 2 immediately after which led to The Snow Bunny losing the ball, and Toots running away to set up a try?
    No mention of Jacky-Boy’s gutsy cutout pass too The Fresh Price Of Bel-Connen off a kick return to set up the levelling try?