The 2017 Willie M Medal: Round 8

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The 2017 Willie M Medal: Round 8

Canberra v Manly
3-Jarrod Croker
2-Joey Leilua (Can)
1-Joseph Tapine (Can)
Judge: Chris Parkinson

South Sydney v Brisbane
3-David Mead (Bri)
2-Siosifa Talakai (Sou)
1-Robert Jennings (Sou)
Judge: Rohan Kendall

Parramatta v Penrith
3-Bryce Cartwright (Pen)
2-Matt Moylan (Pen)
1-Isaah Yeo (Pen)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

North Queensland v Newcastle
3-Brock Lamb (New)
2-Peter Mata’utia (New)
1-Coen Hess (Cow)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Cronulla v Gold Coast
3-Dan Sarginson (GC)
2-Jack Bird (Cro)
1-James Maloney (Cro)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Wests Tigers v Canterbury
3-Greg Eastwood (Bul)
2-Tim Grant (Tig)
1-Brenko Lee (Bul)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Sydney Roosters v St George Illawarra
3-Josh McCrone (Dra)
2-Michael Gordon (Roo)
1-Daniel Tupou (Roo)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

Melbourne v New Zealand
3-Bodene Thompson (War)
2-Blake Ayshford (War)
1-Jesse Bromwich (Mel)
Judge: Nick Tedeschi

15: Kyle Feldt (Cow)
9: Jamal Idris (Bul)
8: Aidan Sezer (Can), Dylan Walker (Man)
7: Braidon Burns (Sou), Kane Elgey (GC), Ken Maumalo (War), Matt Moylan (Pen), Leivatha Pulu (GC)

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  1. Craig says:

    surely Greg Eastwood can get more than 3 points?

  2. Johno says:

    Gee Nick, I never thought you would be influenced by the excited ramblings of a commentator(s). Poor Dan Sarginson made 1 or possibly 1 and a half errors on Saturday night and the Fox commentators just kept banging on as if he was having a Steve Mavin/Paul Carige display. In amongst those errors was some good positional play,tidy cleanup work and strong bring backs as himself Anthony Don and Tyrone Roberts did all Jarryd Hayne’s actual fullback work so he could make a few decent passes later on. Remember these same commentators gave Hayne the Anzac medal. All the Gold Coast forwards and some of the Sharks players were more worthy. Don’t let Pommy bashing commentators influence your judgement.