The NFL Lines – Week 17

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The AFC playoff picture is all but set, but the NFC still has a couple of pieces to be fit into a place. With a handful of games left to complete the postseason puzzle, Nick Tedeschi and Cliff Bingham turn their attention to the upcoming week 17 action.

Results from Week 16 tips

NT – 3 selections, 3 units bet, return of 3.61 units, Profit on Turnover (PoT) = +20%

CB – 1 selections, 1 units bet, return of 2.10 units, Profit on Turnover (PoT) = +110%

Total – 4 selections, 4 units bet, return of 5.71 units, Profit on Turnover (PoT) = +43%

Overall Results

NT – 64 selections, 72.5 units bet, return of 74.73 units, Profit on Turnover (PoT) = +3%

CB – 43 selections, 41.5 units bet, return of 33.51 units, Profit on Turnover (PoT) = -19%

Total – 107 selections, 114 units bet, return of 108.24 units, Profit on Turnover (PoT) = -4%


NT Recommended Bets


The Cowboys have been in good form of late and have so much potential in their offense that they can shock a Washington Redskins team that does not have RG III fit. For mine, this was a +2.5 game. A Cowboys win would not surprise as the likes of Austin, Bryant and Witten can make plays and DeMarco Murray provides a running threat. The Boys will still be smarting after Thanksgiving too.


CB Recommended Bets


Most games this week either (a) have no bearing on the playoffs and are therefore a matter of who cares more (or more pertinently, lesss) or (b) only matter if other games fall a certain way. The two that legitimately matter in all circumstances (Packers at Vikings and Cowboys at Redskins) sadly involve bookmaker lines that align almost perfectly with the prices I came up with. See you next week for Wild Card Weekend.


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  1. SemiiPro says:

    Hey guys

    Time for youse to revisit your preseason tips. I do recall you both loved the Bolts and pooh-poohed my claim that Denver would go 14-2.

    Mind you, you guys did do better than me overall. I gave up after week 7 when I clawed my way back (yes, clawed my way back) to -30% POT.

    For what it’s worth, I like Atlanta to play Denver in the Super Bowl. I know you guys would adhere to the adage ‘it’s not about the X’s and O’s, it’s about the jims and joes.’ Manning and Von v the 3 best receivers in White, Julio and Gonzalez (even though I’m very low on Matty Ice). Should be a good game.