Helping the Good Guys

Filed in Other by on March 8, 2012

Ever wanted to help Making The Nut? Ever thought: 'By golly, those princes of the pen, those titans of the typewriter, they provide us so much joy … what can we do for them?' Ever had that passing drive to just get down on your knees and tell the Lord Almighty that you will do anything, just about anything, to make sure Making The Nut is around for many, many years?

Well, if you want to help the Nut, here's how you can do it.

Like Our Facebook Page/Follow Us on Twitter: Pretty easy done. Go to Facebook, type in Making The Nut, like the damn page and then wait for the magic to happen. Or follow Making The Nut or any of our champion writers on Twitter and tell your friends, associates and post office employees of choice to get behind The Nut.

Read Our Pieces (Or at the Very Least, Give Them a Click): Site traffic is very important for us in getting advertisers. The more you read, the easier it is for us to lure sponsors to the site.

Sign Up to Luxbet Through Making The Nut: Luxbet get right behind Making The Nut so if you like a bet, it will help everyone if you do so with Luxbet after opening an account by clicking on one of the links on Making The Nut.

Spread The Word: If you like what you see at Making The Nut – the articles, the tips, the gibberrish – tell your friends, scream it out on Twitter, get on the forums and let the punters know. We need Making The Nut plastered everywhere.

Ask us to give an inspirational speech to your graduating class: pay us an exhorbitant fee. Just don't expect us to be too 'inspirational' or 'speechy'.

Support Our Sponsors: When we have advertising on our site, it is real helpful if you support them by checking out their products and engaging them if you are in the market for something we are pumping up. You need investment advice? Go to Dixon Advisory … tell them Tedeschi sent you.

Shout Us A Beer: If you've made a quid from the tips, had a chuckle at a rant or just want to help the boys – who all contribute out of the goodness of their mighty hearts – click on the 'Shout Us A Beer' tab and donate. The money will go to a good cause.

Advertise: If you own a small business, run the marketing budget of a big one or think you have an idea that can benefit yourself and the site, give us a holler at and we'll sort something out.

So if you want to lend a hand, consider the above. And if you don't, well, be careful because Napper killed a guy with a trident, Bingham subdued a Kodiac bear with his bare hands, Warren's fists are named "Lights" and "Out" and Tedeschi fears only Jared Waerea-Hargreaves' mother.


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