The 2014 AFL Lines – Semi Finals

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The Hawks and Swans await this week’s winners in the Preliminary Finals. Can North win their second straight final after a seven-year drought, or will Geelong once again advance to the final four? Will Port Adelaide continue their fine form of last week, or will the Purple Haze at Subiaco once again prove to be too formidable a force? Greg Oberscheidt and Cliff Bingham look at the matchups.

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Results – Quarter Finals
GO – 4 selections, 4 units bet, gross return of 8.02 units, 4.02 units net profit
CB – 3 selections, 3 units bet, gross return of 1.90 units, 1.10 units net loss
Total – 7 selections, 7 units bet, gross return of 9.92 units, 2.92 units net profit

Results – 2014 season
GO – 102 selections, 103 units bet, gross return of 120.31 units, 17.31 units net profit, 17% PoT
CB – 90 selections, 90 units bet, gross return of 89.08 units, 0.92 units net loss, -1% PoT
Total – 192 selections, 193 units bet, gross return of 209.39 units, 16.39 units net profit, 8% PoT

Summary of recommendations
1 unit on Geelong 1-39 at $2.30 (Sportsbet)
1 unit on Fremantle 1-39 at $2.20 (Sportsbet)

1 unit on Geelong -6.5 at $1.92 (Luxbet)
1 unit on Fremantle -10.5 at $1.92 (Luxbet)
1 unit on Geelong H2H/Fremantle H2H double at $2.57 (Luxbet)

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  1. Mullet says:

    Cheers, fellas. This week of the finals is usually the most profitable, cause of the predictable nature of it. Was wondering if you fellas might put a recommended bet out there for the Norm Smith in the GF podcast. I have always put a wager on Smitty every year and go belly up. Maybe your sage advice might help me out. Much appreciated, fellas. Top info.