The Punters Guide to the 2013 Season

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The Punters' Guide to the 2013 NRL Season is the must have guide for every rugby league fan. Respected rugby league writer and pricing consultant Nick Tedeschi has put together this thorough guide that is a no-holds barred assessment, unique statistical evaluation and comprehensive betting appraisal all rolled into one. With the legendary Mr Rugby chiming in, the thoughts of leading bookmaker Jason Sylvester of Flemington Sportsbet, essays by Tedeschi and Cliff Bingham and a comprehensive array of information sourced from within the gambling industry, there is no better tool for the rugby league punter no matter how seriously one takes their betting. It can even be used to win your tipping competition or fantasy league.

The Punters' Guide to the 2013 NRL Season includes:

  • All the latest team information with complete squad listings for each club.
  • Detailed betting information from the 2012 season including analysis of head-to-head, line and total points betting for each club and the NRL as a whole.
  • Notes on betting information for the last three seasons
  • The thoughts and premiership prices of Australia’s top rugby league gambler and former Punting Ace guru, Mr Rugby.
  • Comments from leading bookmaker Jason Sylvester of Flemington Sportsbet
  • An in-depth and original statistical analysis of all 16 teams.
  • Detailed betting data for each and every team.
  • Recruitment analysis, positional and coaching assessment and draw evaluation for every club.
  • Predictions and betting advice for the 2013 season.
  • A full list of blue-chip players.

New Features include:

  • Essays on using close games and points differential to measuree true performance of a team.
  • Fantasy analysis for all 16 clubs.
  • A look at the key position battles heading into 2013.

This product is a must for every NRL fan. It is useful for those who bet on NRL games regularly, casual footy punters, those in tipping competitions and fantasy competitions and those who just want the latest on the upcoming footy season. There is no guide quite like The Punters' Guide to the 2013 NRL Season.

The Punters' Guide to the 2013 NRL Season is on sale for only $14.95 and is extraordinary value for every rugby league fan.

It can be purchased at all good newsagents and on ITunes now. If you are serious about league, you need this book.



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  1. SemiiPro says:

    Hi Nick

    This looks awesome. But I’m worried about the price. You are now a world playa. I can’t help notice that this costs more than Baseball prospectus. 50% more. This looks like an Aussie publisher trying to gouge the unsophisticated Aussie buyer. Which is a massive shame because I am dead keen to support this.

    I think the $10 price point for e-books is established. I would have bought it instantly at $9.99. $15 makes me think too much about value.

    Anyway, good luck with it.

    • Avoozl says:

      I agree with you SemiiPro – I couldn't help thinking that Nick had priced the book wrongly either. Though I was more thinking that it was about 10% the cost of what it could have been.

      I'd be buying it if it was selling for $150. Last year's one was good. This year's is even better. My greatest concern is that it's too good and will have an impact on the markets.

      • Cliff Bingham says:

        Pricing of NRL Punters Guide


        A point of clarification – the publisher dictates the pricing of the guide, not Nick.

        I know this because the AFL 'sister publication' (written by 'Nut Gurus' Greg Oberscheidt and yours truly) will be hitting newsagents in around three weeks' time, and the same decision-making structure around the pricing applied to the AFL guide as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          hey is there an AFL version of this? 

          • Cliff Bingham says:

            AFL version of Punters Guide

            Yep, there will be an AFL version of the guide coming out in stores on March 1 – authored by 'Nut Gurus' Greg Obserscheidt and yours truly.

            You can pre-order a copy via now, for delivery around the same time as the book is released in stores.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bought my afl guide today – very happy with it. Is there versions from earlier years available – I'm only interested in the data obviously.

          • Cliff Bingham says:

            2013 is our first crack at an AFL version of the guide, so we don't have any data prior to the 2012 season.