Try Line Picks: Round 7

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Try Line Picks – Making the Nut FREE Round Selection
Sharks – Line: 5.00 Bet Units: The Sharks are going gang-busters and will continue this form barring injuries to key men – they rate behind only the Storm and Broncos! Their strength is their simple game plan and forward pack – the best rating pack in the NRL! Flanagan is working Gallen beautifully into matches, bringing on Graham to push him in tighter – this basically has Gallen and Smith running their low frames at tired and cumbersome props which sucks in plenty of attention in the middle third; Bukuya, Graham, Best and Pomeroy then work the fringes over, basically sucking all the energy from the other team through defence that requires 2 and 3 men – it is relentless as Green and Fifita rotate with Ross and Gibbs, they really play 6 props! The Sharks make more metres than any other NRL side in 2012 – on the back of this Carney can play footy; he has time, he can run at the line and test retreating / fatigued defenders – it is coaching and execution at it's best! The Eels were dreadful last week, and ratings suggest they are friendless here – they compete in terms of spine comparison but this is skewed to Hayne and playing injured he will not be enough to keep the Eels in this one. The Sharks in another shut-out type win, Sharks to cover the line easily (-5.5 to -6.0)
Try Line Picks KPIs 2012 – Round Selections Only
  • Strike Rate of 55.0% (LW 50.0%)
  • Units Profit of +7.45 (LW -1.80 units)
  • Net Profit of +8.98% (LW -2.86%)
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